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On Lubrication Experts, Rafe Britton talk with the best in the business about all things lubricants, engineering and industry. From lubricant technology and condition monitoring to supply chain and manufacturing the experts sit down to ...more

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May 13, 2024 01:12:52
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Lithium Grease Manufacturing with Andy Waynick The Evolution of Lithium Greases: Innovations and Historical Insights with Andy Waynick In this episode of 'Lubrication Experts', Rafe Britton welcomes Andy Waynick,...



May 10, 2024 00:25:41
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Group V Synthetics with Joseph Star (ExxonMobil)

Understanding Group 5 Base Oils: A Conversation on the Lubrication Experts Podcast This episode of the 'Lubrication Experts Podcast' series features an in-depth conversation...



May 09, 2024 00:38:37
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Viscosity Index with Jack Zakarian (Lubrication Expert)

Understanding the Viscosity Index: History, Challenges and Proposals This podcast discussion, in which lubrication experts discuss the important role of the Viscosity Index in...



May 08, 2024 00:56:02
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Synthetic Esters with Siegfried Lucazeau (Nyco)

Understanding Esters | A Deep Dive into their Applications in Lubrication In this informative discussion, we explore the basics and complexities of esters and...



May 07, 2024 00:50:09
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Field Oil Analysis with Lisa Williams (Ametek Spectro Scientific)

Understanding Field Oil Analysis with Lisa Williams from Ametek In this informative episode, Lisa Williams from Ametek, an expert in the oil analysis field,...



January 26, 2024 00:36:33
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Re-Refined Base Oils with Dr Joel Garrett (Safety Kleen)

Demystifying Re-Refined Base Oils: Quality, Sustainability, and Future Trends In this episode, we delve into the world of re refined base oils, thanks to...