Lubricant Chemistry Management with Matthew Hobbs (EPT Clean Oil)

Episode 41 May 19, 2023 00:47:24
Lubricant Chemistry Management with Matthew Hobbs (EPT Clean Oil)
Lubrication Experts
Lubricant Chemistry Management with Matthew Hobbs (EPT Clean Oil)

May 19 2023 | 00:47:24


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Rafe Britton

Show Notes

Welcome back to Lubrication Experts! Today, we delve into the fascinating world of lubricant chemistry with none other than Dr. Matthew Hobbs from EPT Clean Oil. Despite the moody lighting due to a minor technical glitch with my video setup, this discussion promises to be as enlightening as ever. Dr. Hobbs, the Manager of Technical Services, Research, and Development at EPT Clean Oil, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Known for his captivating presentations at various forums, such as STLE, and his insightful webinars, Dr. Hobbs has a unique knack for elucidating the complex aspects of lubricant chemistry. As many of you have expressed interest in gaining a more detailed understanding of lubricant chemistry and its breakdown, I've invited Dr. Hobbs to share his expertise on this topic. If you've been eager to dive deeper into lubricant chemistry, this conversation is one you don't want to miss. Also, be sure to check out the EPT Clean Oil YouTube channel for more from Dr. Hobbs and other industry experts. Whether you're joining us via video or tuning into the podcast, get ready for an enlightening discussion. Without further ado, let's welcome Dr. Matthew Hobbs to Lubrication Experts. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more expert insights!


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