Precision Lubrication with Mike Johnson (AMRRI)

Episode 32 January 23, 2023 00:46:11
Precision Lubrication with Mike Johnson (AMRRI)
Lubrication Experts
Precision Lubrication with Mike Johnson (AMRRI)

Jan 23 2023 | 00:46:11


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Rafe Britton

Show Notes

Precision lubrication is a philosophy. But how do you achieve it? Industry veteran Mike Johnson breaks it all down for us in this wide-ranging discussion. Concurrent with the release of this podcast is the publication of the first issue of Precision Lubrication Magazine. Precision Lubrication magazine provides timely, in-depth news and insights on lubrication, maintenance, and reliability. Each issue delivers solid guidance, tools, and information you can use right away at your facility. A well-executed lubrication program represents an enormous opportunity for most industrial plants. Even though the benefits are large, only a small segment of the industry treats lubrication as a serious maintenance activity. When lubrication programs are run haphazardly, aren’t given the proper support, and aren’t championed as a critical component of an organization’s mission, machine reliability suffers, and equipment fails. Our mission is to equip lubrication, maintenance, and reliability professionals with solid guidance and tools for developing precision lubrication and fluid analysis programs that are properly executed, and sustainable and serve as a centre of excellence for their companies.

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