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On Lubrication Experts, Rafe Britton talk with the best in the business about all things lubricants, engineering and industry. From lubricant technology and condition monitoring to supply chain and manufacturing the experts sit down to ...more

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February 06, 2022 00:43:00
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Racing Oils with Tomek Young (ExxonMobil)

What exactly is the role of oil companies in motorsports? Seems like a trivial question, but their involvement can run much deeper than just...



February 06, 2022 00:33:54
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The Broken Lubricant Supply Chain with Trevor Gauntlett (Trevor Gauntlett Consulting)

Supply chains around the world are broken. But it definitely feels like the shortages in the lubricants world have been both more acute and...



February 06, 2022 00:33:44
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Dispersion of Expertise with Eric Mosselar (Distence)

Erik Mosselaar from Distance and I discuss the digitalisation of expertise - how do you take expert decisions and bake them into algorithms? How...



February 06, 2022 00:47:16
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Maintenance Disrupted with Blair Fraser (UE Systems)

Blair Fraser from the Maintenance Disrupted podcast comes to talk about the state of the maintenance industry today, the most exciting technology he has...



February 03, 2022 00:38:26
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Space(X) Lubrication with Dr Juan Flores Preciado (SpaceX)

Space... the final frontier. You know the drill. It's Space! It's the most extreme conditions that humankind will ever face - chillingly cold temperatures,...



February 03, 2022 00:41:08
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Lubricant Degradation Mechanisms with Sanya Mathura (Strategic Reliability Solutions)

Sanya Mathura of Strategic Reliability Solutions discusses the topic of her new book - "Lubrication Degradation Mechanisms - A Complete Guide". We talk about...