PAG Base Oils with Martin Greaves

Episode 35 February 20, 2023 00:40:05
PAG Base Oils with Martin Greaves
Lubrication Experts
PAG Base Oils with Martin Greaves

Feb 20 2023 | 00:40:05


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Rafe Britton

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Polyakylene glycol (PAG) base oil lubricants are a bit of a mystery. In fact, there are many who fear them due to their reputation for incompatibility with other lubricants on site, as well as seals and paints. But like all things, much of this mystery can be pierced through understanding. Martin Greaves worked at Dow Chemical for some 30 years, working extensively with PAGs. It turns out, PAGs are not a single molecule, but rather a family with almost infinite combinations. In this podcast he sat down with Rafe Britton to discuss PAGs in all their forms.

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