White Etch Cracking with Marc Ingram (Ingram Tribology)

Episode 19 March 08, 2022 00:35:42
White Etch Cracking with Marc Ingram (Ingram Tribology)
Lubrication Experts
White Etch Cracking with Marc Ingram (Ingram Tribology)

Mar 08 2022 | 00:35:42


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Rafe Britton

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White Etch Cracking is a phenomenon that can affect many bearings, but is most commonly associated with wind turbine bearings. As a relatively "new" phenomenon, there were many mechanisms proposed including stray current, transient loads, and hydrogen embrittlement. But in order to study this failure mode, we first had to simulate it in the lab. This is the story of the multi-team research effort that went into understanding and eliminating WEC.


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