The Trades Shortage with Wendy Hakken (The Crew Collaborative)

Episode 40 August 17, 2023 00:31:41
The Trades Shortage with Wendy Hakken (The Crew Collaborative)
Lubrication Experts
The Trades Shortage with Wendy Hakken (The Crew Collaborative)

Aug 17 2023 | 00:31:41


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Rafe Britton

Show Notes

Sometimes you will have seen her on social media as Wendy, the Oil Lady. She is the president of a group called the Crew Collaborative which does a lot of work promoting the trades in the construction industry.  And the reason why she's able to give some really good insight specifically into our industry is that not only is she the crew collaborative president, Wendy is also a field-based account manager for CNHI Midwest for Shell Lubricants. In both of those roles, Wendy is able to give us some insight into, let's say, some of the personnel issues and challenges that we are facing in our industry.

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