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On Lubrication Experts, Rafe Britton talk with the best in the business about all things lubricants, engineering and industry. From lubricant technology and condition monitoring to supply chain and manufacturing the experts sit down to ...more

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December 08, 2022 00:45:45
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Energy Efficient Lubricants with Dr Ian Taylor (University of Lancashire)

Overcoming friction wastes between 20-30% of a country's Gross Domestic Product, and most of this will be the energy costs to overcome friction. Additionally,...



November 11, 2022 00:33:32
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The Pressures on Maintenance and Reliability Teams with Tal Wagstaff (Redlist)

Maintenance and reliability teams are hurting from a lack of resources. Whether its shortage of parts, shortage of staff, shortage of budget, or shortage...



October 06, 2022 00:32:40
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eMobility Fluids with Adam Banks (Afton Chemical)

EVs are here. Whether you like or not, it seems that both regulation and the markets have decreed that battery-based vehicles are the future....



October 03, 2022 00:57:59
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World Class Maintenance with Thomas Schiff (Schiff Asset Management)

World class maintenance. World class reliability. Word class asset management. What are these? What does it take to be "world class" in these domains?...



September 20, 2022 00:40:31
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Compressor Oils with Jim Carey (ex Mobil)

Compressor oils are awesome. It's the ultimate blend of mechanical engineering, chemistry and fluid dynamics. But in my experience with many industrial customers, there...



August 11, 2022 00:45:41
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Piston Rings with Lake Speed Jr (Total Seal Piston Rings)

Piston rings are an essential component to the operation of any reciprocating-style equipment, be they internal combustion engines or compressors. What you may not...