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On Lubrication Experts, Rafe Britton talk with the best in the business about all things lubricants, engineering and industry. From lubricant technology and condition monitoring to supply chain and manufacturing the experts sit down to ...more

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March 08, 2022 00:35:42
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White Etch Cracking with Marc Ingram (Ingram Tribology)

White Etch Cracking is a phenomenon that can affect many bearings, but is most commonly associated with wind turbine bearings. As a relatively "new"...



February 22, 2022 00:29:35
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Talent in the Lubricants Industry with James Moorehouse (ABN Resources)

Recruitment. It isn't easy for an industry that struggles for recognition. James Moorehouse from ABN Resources is an executive recruiter specializing in the lubricants...



February 16, 2022 00:57:01
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The Evolution of Wind Turbine Gear Oils with Jim Carey (ex. Mobil)

When a new technology emerges, the lubricants industry must evolve to meet the specific challenges of the new operating paradigm. In the 1980's on...



February 08, 2022 00:34:49
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Sticky: The Secret Science of Surfaces with Laurie Winkless (Winkless Science Storytelling)

One of the deficiencies of the lubrication industry has been its capacity to convey the value of the technology through meaningful stories. Laurie Winkless...



February 06, 2022 00:39:13
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Varnish Filtration Solutions with Peter Dufresne (EPT Clean Oil)

Ion exchange resin filter technologies have been around for a while, but have gained a lot of exposure through their capacity to remove molecules...



February 06, 2022 00:35:53
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Inline Oil Sensors with Dr Guillermo Miro (Atten2)

Inline sensors have been around for ages, yet they monitor very few lubricated components. This is in stark contrast to online vibration analysis, which...